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Our Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Coming from the most obsessed HP fan ever, we’ve done a lot of discussion on the series. But what came out of it? Yes, a firm love of the characters, the plot, the wizarding world, and a group-wide adoration of Luna Lovegood. I’ve put together a list of our seven favorite Harry Potter characters, based on topics, polls and games in the group. 1. Luna Lovegood!

2. Hermione Granger!

3. Nymphadora Tonks!

4. Ginny Weasley!

5. Remus Lupin!

6. Neville Longbottom!

7. Fred or George Weasley!

So, there are our all time favorites. I’m pretty sure these characters will be legends even 200 years from now. We stan Luna Lovegood!