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Virtual Book Meet-Ups

Hi! Want to know what's happening this Sunday? And every Sunday after that?

Starlight On Our Shelves will be hosting virtual book meet-ups, using Google Meet!

Every Sunday, between 3:30-4:30 Eastern Standard Time, members who want to say hello can join the link we will send out the day before, and we will do bookish games, book trivia competitions, book and global news discussion, activist author icons, and just reading and chatting. Participation is completely optional, and if you just want to stop by for 5-10 minutes that's fine, too. Maybe you just want to see if we are not creepy stalkers. In that case, absolutely, because maple and I definitely aren't, even if I might seem borderline crazy at times:) Cameras are always allowed off, you don't have to show your face if you don't want to. But we'd love to hear your voice!

We will do polls on the coming week's games and book trivia theme.

For this Sunday, 1/24/2021, at 3:30-4:30 pm EST, we hope you all can come! Maple and I will be there.

And we may or may not have a special guest by the name of Angie Thomas come to a meet-up soon! I just emailed her representative to ask if she can come to say hello! I am awaiting a response and really excited. YAYYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAY! I'm pretty sure everyone in the entire group has read The Hate U Give:)))

-your resident rebellious poet

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