Review Of "For I Pity Them" (by Potterhead Aanya)

We have a published author in our group!!!!!! She has asked me to review her book, and so I shall. And first let me say, we are so happy for you, Aanya!

I think this is an interesting opinion. The world from the eyes of us young people is so different from what was imagined maybe even 50 years ago. It kind of makes me think of that iconic Dumbledore quote- "Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love." It's something to think about, certainly. I think this is a book worthy of reading, because it is a new opinion, a new thought, expressed by someone who definitely will make an impact:)

"I have a hope, a hope that one day each of us realizes that we have to make a change in the world, but not just make it because there are times when we are the change."

-Potterhead Aanya

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